Did you know that a bad plug could cause arcing on a Thunderbolt coil? We have ... the right type. Distributors, Ignition Coils Plug Wires, Plugs & Caps.... The first 4 minutes or so of this video is for you DIYers. I will show you how to identify a bad ignition coil with .... Mercruiser 1990-2005 Ignition Coil Assembly Replaces 898253T27. 4-5443 ... New plastic case helps reduce the possibility of internal arcing. Quick View.. Feb 10, 2021 Spark plug leads or distributor cap arcing. Damaged electrical wiring, loose electrical connection or dead battery. Faulty ignition switch.. Help support my channel by using the link. https://www.amazon.com/shop/omfishingI removed the coils off .... In order for the ignition system to work properly it is important to keep the engine ... The distributor cap should be inspected carefully to see how the sparks are arcing. ... It could short out the coil voltage and cause a faulty connection inside the.... This causes an increase in the voltage required to fire the spark plug, which could damage the ignition coil as well as the spark plug wires. Heat damage.... Replacement parts for Mercruiser, Mercury, Volvo, Indmar, OEM, PCM, and more. ... Mercruiser 1990-2005 Ignition Coil Assembly Replaces 898253T27. 4-5443.. Aug 20, 2010 Hi, I have been having an ongoing saga with the mechanic I am using to repair my 1997 7.4l Mercruiser. I'd appreciate any help or advice any.... >First I checked the voltage at the + side of the coil with the ignition >switch on ... The resistor wire is a means of prolonging point life (reduces arcing) and. We have a 95 Response with 5.7 Mercruiser Ski engine. This is pre -Vortec with Thunderbolt IV ignition and 4bbl Weber carb. ... the following, all with Merc parts- cap, rotor, leads, plugs, coil, trigger module inside distributor. ... if one is bad, you can also run the engine in the dark and see if any arcing exists. 538a28228e

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